Project Team


Uchenna Ofoha, Director

Uchenna Ofoha is an interactive artist and SCAD Alumni interested in designing educational experiences centered around environmental, cultural, and social awareness. Having spent eight years in the Virgin Islands, she has conjured an interested in incorporating Caribbean History into video game narrative.

"I hope this project inspires more artists to use their ancestry as a source of inspiration for story telling."


Cari Bates, 3D Artist

Cari recently graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Game Development. She enjoys using her skills in both video games and animations to tell stories through art. She loves working in a team and contributing her talents to create something interesting, unique, and fun!


Chloë Plantecoste, 3D Artist

Chloë is a game design student responsible for modeling and texturing 3D assets. Her love of video games and desire to create them stems from a child hood of playing them. As a multicultural International student she hopes to contribute to the industry by bringing more diversity and representation to games.


Makeda Joseph, Illustrator

Makeda is a recent graduate of Flagler College, where she majored in Graphic Design and minored in Illustration and Fine Art. As a Virgin Islander, she has made it her mission to contribute to the creation and preservation of art in and of the territory. And as a longtime fan of video game art, she is excited (almost too excited) to aid in visualizing history. Fireburn is a chance to achieve these goals, all while working with a team of talented, dedicated individuals.


Additional Contributors

Thank you to friends who have contributed time and effort in the past to help the project get closer to fulfilling its mission.


Victor Matos, Adviser

Danielle Connor, 3D Artist


Renold Timberlake, Sound Designer